If you've read along or followed me on social you know I love good deals!
In today's post I'd thought I'd share some cheap tricks. Don't get me wrong there are many other things I could be doing to save money and as my dad always says "you're not saving if you've spend money" but in my eyes these are savings! 

Coffee: Yes I know I could A. Not drink coffee and really save money B. Make coffee at home. Since I'm always on the run in NYC I have to share my coffee must!
I love Starbucks but can't handle spending that much on a cup of joe all the time. My favorite cheap coffee: 7-eleven!! Every morning it's a good start to me day - $1.79 for a medium cup that I get to make myself so it's perfectly made to my liking (french vanilla yumminess)! Def a good deal compared to my $5 cup over at the the Bucks!

Jewlery: so I've become some what of a joke with my friends because I'm so obsessed with groupon! My favorite things to buy on groupon as of late are rings. I'm building up the most beautiful swarovsk ring collection and the prices are so great my rings start from $5-20!

Hair: I actually hate washing my hair and before you think to yourself how gross…keep in mind it's actually very healthy for your hair to go few days between washes. BUT I do shower everyday FYI. That being said I need a good dry shampoo…I've tried a lot. A LOT. Fancy kinds to the cheap drug store kinds…and so far the best one for me that can help me go days without washing --- baby powder (that I buy at 7-eleven) for under $3. Being a brunette and using white baby powder is no problem at all. Just pour it on the oily spots and make sure to really rub it all in, it's the best dry shampoo alternative that really works!! I've also been obsessed lately using my NUME curling wand. Gives my hair the best curls that last for days.- trust me on this one. This curling wand is amaze - I've shared a promo below.

Sunglaess: I've been on the hunt for a great big pair of shades lately since I broke my everyday black glasses while snowmobiling two weeks ago. I asked another blogger friend where she got her great oversized shades and little did I know she'd mention one of my favorite cheap sunglass shops online. ZERO-UV - all their great shades are under $10! The link to the pair I'm wearing in this post is below.

Clothing: every time I shop I do one thing first, check out the clearance section!! Every time…whether it be online or in stores I want to make sure to check out whats on sale first before making any purchases. My favorite store to hit sales at is Century 21 - when they have sales they are gooood! Also- I like to do a major shopping twice a year - January and August. Best times to really hit the end of season sales, this past January I was in Paris and learned my new favorite word SOLDES (sale). I brought home a lot of good clothes/shoes for almost nothing! Found these black boots on major sale for under $50 at Bocage in Paris. I have some similar ones on sale for under $20 below!

Pants: From Century 21 - W118 by Walter Baker (sold out but the matching top here)

Booties: (found in Paris but similar) here (under $20!)

Sunglasses: Zero -UV (here)

Sequin Jacket: similar (here) or (this)

Rings via groupon: so many good ones to pick from: (here)

H&M basic black tank under $6: (here

Curling wand: Nume (here) use promo code to get wand for $29 - heart29 (normally $80+)