what i wore: Bomber jumpsuit: very similar / Heels: Sarah Jessica Parker Collection / Watch: Kyboe / Lipstick: MAC / Sunglasses: Chloe images: @classy.jorge 

The past few weeks have been slightly crazy - seriously it's been go go go!! I made a pretty big life change last month and am currently transitioning into the next chapter of my life (I obviously had to name my new Spotify playlist "New Chapter" and it's been on repeat) 

When I came to NYC from UTAH I was dead set on being an interior designer - it's what brought me to New York for an internship in the first place back in 2009. Interior design is still one of my biggest passions but in 2012 my life plan changed after working in the interior industry for a few years. I ended up making the jump into fashion! It was in the last four years I discovered my creative brain went way beyond interiors. I found that creative thinking/problem solving was my greatest passion of all! Whether it be designing an interior space, producing photo shoots/events, brainstorming ways to drive sales, creatively networking and connecting dots - I found I was good at CREATIVITY!! Sounds weird I know, but there are some things I'll be the first to say I am NOT good at but when it comes to being creative - I'm a freaking champ (test me sometime)!

The last few weeks my creativity has been on fire! I decided to transition out of YS, a place where I have been working for the past 4 years!! I am still at YS one day a week and in close contact with some of my co-workers but now I have time to focus on a new endeavor. I learned so much while at Yosi Samra and mainly because my bosses were trusting and let me run wild with my ideas which meant I had to learn through trial and error. I had to practice having no fear and reaching for the stars to get what was best for the training I could have ever asked for. YS will always remain close to my heart since I started there early in its history and put so much heart and soul into the product. Currently, I'm working on some creative projects and a new venture with a friend of mine, something that quickly fell into our laps and it feels really good! Scary because it's the unknown but exciting because I believe in us and know together we can get some cool $#it done. Ultimately I made the switch because I'd rather try and fail rather than let my dreams pass me by because of fear. I will share more details on NYC Chapter 3 soon...and I really hope in this chapter there will be a baby, a dog and a bigger apartment (with more closets) - stay tuned!