Today marks 5 years of living in New York City (8 . 4 . 2010 ). Seems like yesterday we packed up a little SUV with the Xbox, golden antlers, African juju feather hat -- you know the important things that we couldn't live without and drove across the country. Moving to NYC was one of the best decisions we could have made. Taking the risk and leaving everything behind in Utah opened so many doors for us. We had to hustle hard to get to where we are today but I'm so grateful for all I have learned thus far. Meeting new people - the good and shitty has all been a great experience, I've learned a lot from them. In these past 5 years so much has changed with me personally. I've grown into a woman - I've pushed myself to get what I want. I learned to not take no for answer.  I've been challenged in many ways and had to experience a few road bumps along the way.

I remember getting our first apartment and the realtor made me promise to never let my warm (Utah) heart get hard...even though at time it can be difficult advice to follow it's advice I've remember daily.

The experiences we've had here in the half past decade have been priceless.
This city is now home and I couldn't imagine growing into a woman anywhere else.

Dear New York,

I love you.



images via: pinterest

images via: pinterest