As I write this post in the airport waiting for my next flight (just returned back to the USA) I immediately have international travel fever of course...looking at the departure board and thinking a flight back to France would be amazing. Instead I thought I would reflect back on my visit to Paris for Paris Fashion Week. I'm sharing the last outfit I wore - my Parisian Tulle look. I couldn't go to Paris without my maxi Bliss Tulle skirt…it was the perfect feeling for walking the streets of ole Paree! I was able to wear a one piece body suit to stay warm and add layers like my LuLus top and maxi skirt over the suit. Matched with the best shade of red lipstick by MAC "true red" from the Toledo collection and Red Celine sunnies. Adding a belt to tighten the waist line was a must when wearing so many layers ;) would be thrilled to skip my flight to Utah and headed back to Paris- who wants to go with?