Earlier this year I had the opportunity to speak during Marketing Week at my Alma Mater...Utah State University. I was asked to share my creative journey from my junior year of college to where I am today. I knew I had kept myself busy but it was amazing to truly look back at all that I have accomplished thus far...

I was just a Utah girl who wanted to live in work in New York City but had no connections and knew no one in the big apple. I was told "no" many times and learned the true meaning of working hard to make your dreams come true. I have always made sure to follow the advice that was given to me at a young age (I share it in the video) and I believe doing that lead to many doors opening for me.

The video below is long but worth the watch! I share my advice and tips on how I found my start in New York City all the little and big steps I made to get me to where I am today!

Hope you can watch and get to know me a little better.