So...I've never really been a sneaker kinda girl. That's all changed now...sure maybe I'm behind the sporty sneaker trend but wowza...these black/white Nike Internationalists have been a daily fave (be prepared to see them on lots of my posts coming up!) Another daily must has been this classic coat from Chic Wish!! Last but not least my uber comfy stretchy black Uni Qlo jeans...things I over wear :) Shot this look on my way home from the office...this is my zone. Spy the Korean market?? I go in whenever I have cash on me and it's my fave treat spot. 

Coat: Chic Wish / Sneakers: Nike (under $90) / Floral Blouse: Asos / Purple Sweater: SheInside (under $20) / Beanie: Carhartt (under $8) / Jeans: UniQlo (under $40)

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