When I first saw this dress on I knew it was made for me...

1. it's covered in sequins 2. it's colorful 3. with my a.d.d. I can run my hands all over the dress and make the sequins flip to change it's look! I knew Paris weather wasn't ready for a sleeveless dress so I added an uber comfy black and white striped Ronny Kobo dress underneath to layer up and play with textures…then threw on a neon belt from Urban Outfitters that was a gift from my brother…had to add a hat and I did attempt to wear heels with this look but in all honesty I felt more myself  (and comfortable) wearing my everyday Nikes.

I have to tell you… I have never felt uncomfortable with an outfit before. In NYC I can dress crazy and no one looks twice, well in Paris things were a little different. I spent a lot of time in this outfit outside the PFW scene, since I was in my Nikes I walked all over town. I caught people giving me weird looks and even whispering and I was laughed at!! At first I was getting upset thinking…how rude?? But then I realized I loved what I was wearing and who the hell cares I'm AT PARIS FASHION WEEK…but everything got extremely better when I walked into the Yazbukey backstage (post to follow) and model Anna Cleveland told me she loved my look. I dress for what I like..not what others say is cool or not and you should too. To hell with those who like to make others feel small. It's not nice or polite.

To make the day even better (not)…while I was shooting this look with my Madrid amiga style blogger Monica de Tomas, a group of girls tried to MUG us. Pushing my friend while others tried to run off with her Chanel bag. Thanks to a good Parisian citizen for screaming at the girls in French which made them nervous and caused them to run off without any of our items.

All I can say this day was full of memories…from the weird looks, an attempted robbery, an amazing memorable Yazbukey show, a yummy dinner with my Chilean amiga Maca and an unforgettable night spent at the Eiffel tower. 

WHAT I WORE: Sequin dress: Lulus (on sale!) / Striped dress: Ronny Kobo / Shoes: Nike / Hat and Sunglasses: Forever 21

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