SO! This was my first backstage during Paris Fashion week…the show was located right near by the Arc De Triomphe (could it be anymore dreamy??) First thing I noticed about this backstage that was different from NYFW..there was sooo much space! We were in the basement of a theater and there was so much room (but that wasn't the case for all the shows that week). After entering the very first thing I did was gather inspiration and details for the looks from MAC key artist Karim Rahman. 70s pinup with British decadence was the inspo behind the look! When it came to the make up It was all about the lips and cheeks…nothing was done to eyes or eyebrows. No shadows, no mascara! The lips had 4 different shades of color applied, the color was to remain mysterious! Shades of grey, taupe, burgundy and brown were added and then the edges were blended with concealer to soften and fade into the cheeks. Did you check out there hair?? It screams 70 craze…no? The clothes and the shoes…and of course the accessories were all amazing to watch be put together! And the show-- like watching a theatric performance. The runway was located in a theater with the backdrop looking like a painting..the music starts slow and classic and then a beat quickly drops giving the models their edge to go with their big hair! Loved listening to the French and obsvering the big haired model army during rehearsal and during make up…it's those little moments that make it special!