So exciting getting a one on one with the famous Val Garland make up artist! Key artist for MAC cosmetics Herve Leger FW15 show!

Going backstage to Herve Leger was a dream come true!! I have been a big fan of his clothes for the longest time...everyday as I walk home from work I stop by the store in SoHo and look at all the beautiful items. Walking backstage I met up with friends blogger Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blonde, High On Fashion (blogger from Mexico) and got to see celebrity stylist again June Ambrose (who I love) and I had Chileno Patricio Roldan with me taking pictures so it was even more special. We went directly to speak with MAC makeup Queen: Val Garland!! She gave us the perfect story of the inspiration behind the look of the makeup. It was exciting to get to hear the details from her!

The inspiration was a California girl vacationing in Sante Fe!

Bringing in a soft glowing beautiful sun kissed skin. The face was lightly covered with MAC foundation and they used to colors (Grand Canyon and Calypso Force) is 3 areas, the eyes, cheeks and lips to create a bronze to carmel look. No mascara was added and Brooke Shields style eyebrows were created for a dramatic look. Lip balm was then added to the lips.

Sleek wet twisted low ponytails were done on the model’s hair…they all looked like fabulous chic elegant soldiers waking for designer of Herve Leger Max Azria. The clothes were breathtaking and one of my favorite parts of backstage was to stop and talk with the seamstresses, the women who created such magic and were ready to go to finish last minute touches. Some of my favorite details from backstage are observing all the chaos that happens before the catwalk...models either texting, reading, dancing...stylists running around and pinning all the details into place. Then when the time is right the lights go down, music turns on and everything is perfection. The models walk effortlessly down the runway and the shutters of the photographers make your heart race!

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