My little brother has been serving an LDS Mission in Lima, Peru for the last two years!! We hadn't seen each other and communicated via weekly emails and skyped during Mother's Day and Christmas. Being the crazy big sisters with all my siblings I go nuts when I can't see them so this was a challenge. Once his mission was finished my pops and I went to go pick him up and we had ourselves an adventure visiting the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu!!! This trip with the boys was amazing...in my top five! So much to see in do (and all the colorful things to buy) if you're planning a trip to Peru let me know if you need any suggestions. Best part of our trip besides being reunited was getting to feel like a local and hike in such beautiful scenery. Would you believe me if I told you I only brought a backpack with me? Traveling light is the way to go -- I'll be sure to do a "how to" video soon. So happy I had this time with my boys and especially my baby brother. So proud of the man he has become and to see his wonderful loving spirit again.

Peru is incredible and I hope to return someday soon!!