Dear Tori,

August 21st is your special day. Believe me or not but I still remember sitting at grandma's kitchen table eating yogurt and being told that I was now a big sister and then being taken off to the hospital to meet you for the first time. From that moment on I have had one of the best gifts in life. The gift of being a big sister, your big sister. You were my first best friend.

We grew up with not a lot in common. I loved to dance and you loved to skateboard. I wanted purses and you wanted heelys…fast forward to now and we have so much in common. Thinking of last week when we went to the Jeff Koons exhibit and the reaction we had when we got to the top floor…our loud gasps by the beauty of his work. We're both artsy, we're creative, we're dreamers and we want to design our creative future. Your hard work and dedication constantly inspires me. I am so proud of all that comes your way and how you've handled so many obstacles. I love the memories we have together as kids with Alex, Tanner and Israel. I love that you are constantly learning and want us all to continue to learn and grow with you. Yes, we bump heads and have our moments where we want to rip each others hair out but that is all part of the package of sisterhood. 

I'm starting to tear up as I finish writing you my birthday note…I'm getting emotional of thinking back on the 23 years I've known you. I've witnessed so much in your life. I've watched you grow into the woman you have become. You've always been a few years right behind me but just know that I look up to you and I truly love you and thank Heavenly Father for putting you into our family's life. I'm grateful for all the moments we get to spend together. Even though those moments are short and sweet, I cherish every second.

I love you Tor. Always and forever.


Your big sister…MoMo