Creativity is my strongest weapon and I still have the imagination of a 5-year-old even though I'm a mid-twenty-something-year old living in the best city in the world...NEW *freaking* YORK! I come from the beautiful Beehive State - UTAH and half my blood is CHILEAN (yapo)!!

Welcome to Morgan-Creative! My creative journal as I like to call it. Showcasing my personal style, shopping finds (total lover of the word sale), my travels and some of my creative work.

I spend my days working for the coolest boss ever, shoe designer Yosi Samra. He lets me run wild with creativity at work and I'm thankful for that. I'm never bored (might also be because I work next to my best friend and we work on Beyoncé choreography during breaks), the right side of my brain is like an A.D.D. hamster on a wheel. Did I mention I am a sugar addict? Sour candy is my sugar of choice. Thank the lucky stars my dad is a dentist! But…it's an addiction I plan on breaking, have any tips? Please share!

Spontaneous is my middle name. I was married at a young age…are we crazy? Maybe. We love traveling the globe (check my travel section here) without any plans or a booked hotel room, last minute makes it more exciting! I love meeting strangers and turning them into life long friends, I've realized I do it a lot. A trait I get from my mama. The best word to describe my family would be "amazing!" I'm the oldest of four and pretty sure our family history would make the NY Times best seller list. I've had many lemon experiences in life but try to always find a way to turn them into yummy lemon bars. Best advice in life I have ever received has come from my mom…"no matter what you do, do it as a kind and genuine person."

I'm looking forward to sharing my funky fashion finds and shopping secrets (please bear with me, proper grammar is not my friend). I wish I had books full of journals to look back on and remember the details in my days that I have already forgotten. It's never too late to start so here I go. 

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