So…I have these two amigas I made during college at USU. One was a friend on the dance team with me and the other was in my interior design department. These two amigas are starting something special, something real and something I am happy to be apart of. So I'd like to introduce you to Bonafide.

"Lets get real- we are not perfect.
The social media world is all about painting that perfect picture. Perfect kids, perfect vacations, perfect makeup, perfect body, and so on. Nowadays with technology at our fingertips we are all striving to portray that flawless image of how we want others to view us as. 
That is not real life; having struggles is real life
. Those struggles are what bring us to where we are today."

Well I am guilty of a lot of this. So let's start now and let's get real. 

Here are 5 things about me that are my flaws and things I like to hide...

1. I smile most the time now with my mouth closed because I am insecure of my teeth. Funny thing is my teeth situation is my own fault. I'm the daughter of a dentist/ortho which means I was a brat when it came to dental care. I begged to have braces off early and never wore my retainers…major whoops on my part. Especially when I see my siblings with picture perfect teeth. 

2. It takes tons and tons of photo taking for me to find a few good ones. I literally can't take candid pictures and it has become an inside joke with my friends and family because it fails every time. When you see my selfies/pictures/ootd posts know that it took a lot of effort to get at least 1 good one. When I went to Turkey I was taking lots of selfies through out Istanbul. Little did everyone know I was positioning my scarf perfectly to hide the world's biggest zit in all my pictures. 

3. My personal/family life is like watching an intense Lifetime movie. We have had so many ups and downs it's pretty much a screenwriter's dream. There have been some deep scars left in my heart but I always try to remember "this too shall pass" or it could always be worse.

4.  I have the worst eating habits…literally as I type this I am looking at the paper towel that held a wad of cookie dough that I just devoured. My breakfast was a bottle of Mt. Dew, I had lunch around 4:30pm and dinner was crackers, cheese and pepperoni (cookie dough for dessert). I know it's horrible how I am not taking care of my health…I struggle daily to find the self discipline to say no and make a change.

5. In high school I was in a really bad car accident. Long story short I ended up flying out threw the window and landed on my back. At the time I was very lucky and left the hospital with only bruises. The Doctors did tell me my pain and suffering would come years later and they were right. I suffer from constant headaches which are easily triggered when I am stressed. The worst part about these headaches is they turn to migraines which means…I start to vomit. I have had many situations where I have thrown up in random and awkward places. I once had to ask a lady on the subway if I could have her grocery bag to throw up in. She removed her fruits and veggies and handed me her bag…bless her soul! These headaches are awful because the pain changes my mood. I instantly become grumpy, moody and not pleasant to be around. 

I am so excited for the #letsgetreal movement because... why not be real? Let's embrace our flaws and imperfections because they are what makes us: special/different/unique/weird/crazy/odd/random/stronger/tough/brave

There will def be more Bonafide to come!! Stay tuned :)

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