Today's outfit is a little nostalgic for me. Did you ever read my 1st blog entry? If not I'll give you a quick recap. When I first moved to NYC 4 years ago, I came without any job leads (Utah -> NYC). I was fresh out of college and the recession was still being a bi*ch. So while driving across country to NY I found my 1st job via craigslist on my phone while en route to the Big Apple. I landed myself a creative job working for a floral and event designer. The job was awesome, went to some amazing locations and set up for some fab parties all over the city. Picture yourself setting up gorgeous flowers and candles for a private party at the Top of the Rock and standing up there with the space to yourself before all the guests arrived. Yes, it was heavenly!! After opening my 1st pay check I noticed I got paid half of what I was promised. When I asked the boss lady why this was, she instantly went sour which made me say to myself "oh hell no…ain't no body got time for this" and then I literally quit and walked out. It was awesome, I stood my ground and didn't put up with her lying snootiness. The awesomeness lasted until I walked out to the street and realized oh shiz…now where am I going to get income?? How am I going to pay for my new NYC (high rent) apartment? Then came the little stress attack which led me to remember a friend's advice on what he did when he first moved and didn't have a job in NYC. He worked for a prestigious catering company.  The money is good, work is easy and you get to eat amazing 5 star food at amazing parties. So the hubs and I gave it a try. And let me tell you…those memories of working for this fab chef during my first year in NYC were some of my best New York memories. I saw the city in such an incredible way. The homes I was able to see, the parties, the estates, the people (once took a selfie with John Travolta while we were alone waiting for the event to start) oh and did I mention the food was amazing??! I need to do a few more posts all dedicated to my stories from the days of catering because they're too good not to share!

Whoops…that was a very long intro into this style post but the reason is because in today's look I am wearing my old catering shirt. Back in the day when I wore this shirt I looked like Janice Ian's prom outfit from Mean Girls. Each piece of my outfit has special meaning that has all happened since the days of catering.

My skirt is from a designer I love Mr. Rolando Santana which is special to me because it reminds me of the all the amazing and talented people I have met in the fashion/interior industries. I wore this skirt to the designer's last show during NYFW and I am completely in love with everything about this fabulous piece.

My custom collar was made by Catalina Pavez, an amazing creative  jewelry designer from Santiago, Chile. This collar is special to reflect on and remind me of my semi recent Chilean roots discovery that happened over 2 years ago. All things Chile has now become very important to me so to have custom pieces from Cata is wonderful.

My shoes are from my friend, role model and boss Yosi Samra. I've grown so much in so many ways since working for YS and I've been able to watch him and his ever growing shoe collection get better and better. This has been the best job for me and I'm so grateful to wake up each day and go to work!

This all might sound like "who gives a fish (as my mom would say) it's just a white blouse," but for me it's a reflection of working hard and the pieces that make an outfit are the ones that have meanings! Pieces I will always keep with me in my closet!

Top: Banana Republic / Skirt: Rolo and Ale  / Shoes: Yosi Samra / Collar/Necklace: Catalina Pavez Diseno

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