shiny things + color make me happy :)

shiny things + color make me happy :)

Do you ever realize how easy it is to control our emotions..the way we think and feel? Don't get me wrong, if you tried telling me it was easy while I was in the midst of a brat attack or having a bad Morgan mood I would probably shrug it off and not listen. But…lately I have noticed I really can control my mood by choosing to stop and just be happy. For me there are a few things that can help me adjust my mood but I want to share just two of them.

1. Realizing how blessed I really am.

Sure, there are many things I wish I had in this life and I could have one hell of a pity party by wishing and wanting for those things. Wish I had a better body, wish I had a car, a bigger apartment, lived closer to my family, a fancy new bag blah blah blah blaa bla. I have to quickly stop myself and think of the positives. When complaining about my body, my thoughts turn into…i'm healthy, I have two strong legs that get me from point A to B. Yes, a car would be nice but I'm lucky to have public transportation and it's nice to get somewhere without having to drive myself there and worry about parking. Yes a bigger apartment (aaaand closet) would be hella nice but I have a place to sleep, shower and eat. I have heat when the days are cold and AC for the hot blistering days. I am not living on the streets which is something I should always be grateful for. My family may live all over but I am lucky I can call/text/skype/fly to them as much as I please. Living in a time with endless ways to communicate is such a joy and keeps me close to those I love. 

The other day I was feeling overwhelmed…I started a new to-do list and began to panic slightly. This list seemed never ending and I didn't think I could accomplish all that I had written down. I had to stop myself and think…hold the phone Morgan. BE crazy grateful you have a job, not just a job, but a job you love and one that allows you to be crazy creative. Then my thoughts turned into…be glad you are a woman living in this day and age. I started to think of how hard it would have been to be a woman during the no rights for women era (just finished watching the Immigrant on Netflix, watch it). My "I can't do this" quickly turned into…I got this and I will kick that to-do list's a$$…and I instantly got excited to start all that I had ahead of me.

2. Mood according to music.

If I am feeling down or blue and listening to a slow song…you better believe I will be finding more reasons to extend the pity party. When those moods arrise I have to get to the upbeat beats on the playlist, stat. If people could only hear the things I listen to (Phantom of the Opera, Spanish music, Abba, Disney Classics)…on my morning commute to work I try and find the songs that will start my day in a positive way. True story: I love listening to this song from the "Newsies" soundtrack (here) problem is I start to sing along and sing out loud, or this tune from my girl Celine (here). Sure I get weird looks but it's more important to do those little things that make me a happy person. If those little moments make my day I don't worry about the stranger(s) I'll never see again judging me. Also…classic 90s Jock Jams will always put me in a good mood (here). Always. 

It's crazy easy to find ways to put yourself down or find reasons to feel like crap. Sometimes it's good to have those moments and flush out whatever we need to … but when those moments happen find the power to stop and be happy. For me it's about taking the time to realize all the blessings…whether they're big or small. Good attitude and music can cure anything.

If you're reading this post you are alive, you're breathing and lets face have access to the internet and you can READ! Find all your reasons why you should be happy and count your many blessings.